Cultivate Your Dream Garden

Nurture your outdoor spaces with creativity and expertise.

At Shannons Garden Centre, our passion for gardening grows with each project.

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Why Choose Us?

Transform Your Outdoor Space

We help you bring your garden dreams to life with expert care and creative residential interior design.

At Shannons Garden Centre, we blend horticultural skill with aesthetic precision to craft beautiful, functional outdoor environments.

Garden Design

Transform your ideas into a living landscape with our expert design services.

Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden thriving with our comprehensive care plans.

Landscaping Services

Enhance your outdoor space with custom installations and features.

Seasonal Gardening

Adapt your garden to flourish throughout the seasons with our specialized care.

What we Do

Our Key Roles

“Each garden tells a story, and our role is to bring that narrative to life through thoughtful design and meticulous care. We believe in creating spaces where nature and creativity flourish together.”

Shannon White


About Us

Our Mission: Cultivating Beauty, Nurturing Nature

At Shannons Garden Centre, we are dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning, sustainable landscapes that thrive in harmony with the local environment with rooflights and skylights.

Our team of experts brings creativity, care, and precision to every project, ensuring your garden is not only beautiful but also a sanctuary for you and local wildlife.

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