During covid 19 times we will only be updating the home page with news of our opening times and list of best selling/popular items. 
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Slug pellets have been in big demand this year especially the ones approved for organic growing and should still be used now......little and often is the key.

Silent Roar is a lion dung based product which is good deterrent for cats - on the premise of a bigger cat in the area! We have had lots of feedback on it being very effective and also working against foxes ......an animal that in this area seems to have problems with.

A mineralised Straw Mulch for Organic Gardening
Reduces weed growth by 95%, retains moisture around plants, Neutral PH,
enriches the soil and improves structure, effective barrier against slugs & snails, lasts up to 2 years.
Now in - 100 litre Bags £9.99


WE STOCK A RANGE OF POPULAR GREEN HOUSEPLANTS - THESE ARE CHOSEN FOR THEIR EASE OF CARE! As we know how busy it can get and we often forget about our houseplants. Under or over watering is the common problem and so need to ensure your plants are in a pot with drainage holes so any excess water can run out. Then this plastic pot will sit into another pot with no holes - a POT COVER or onto a saucer to collect the excess water. Do not leave excess water sitting in this outer pot or saucer for longer than 2 hours.
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We are located at:

Shannon's Garden Centre

99-105 Stanstead Road

Forest Hill


SE23 1HH

( but to visit us please see instructions to the right as due to corona virus and social distancing we have closed this entrance....)


Telephone 020 8291 1502/7



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During this strange time the garden centre will  be

Monday  - Friday  10- 4 pm

Saturday & Sunday 

10- 4pm